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Unloved blood

March 22, 2009
By Shadow SILVER, Sacromento, California
Shadow SILVER, Sacromento, California
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The sun was beaming down from the hot Reno air. My 8 year old neck chapping from spending so much time leaning over out side. My 2 years older then me brother to my left, my burden to my right.

5 piles of rock each about 15 pounds, me and my brother were to lay them out to make a path that goes all the way around the yard.

We had been at it for four six hours. The process was simple only I could mess it up. Grab a rock carry it to the side of the yard, put it down were the red tape was then repeat. Fun right?

But I wasn't paying attention and grabbed a sharp rock. I didn't notice how heavy it was till I was to late. Pain shoot though my left hand.
When I looked down I almost screamed. The rock was stabbing it to the palm of my hand. Blood was starting to drip in to the sand by me. My 8 year old unloved blood dripping into the sand.

I tried to drop the rock but I couldn't the pain some how fit into the hell of a day I was to face. But I thought how it would skew up my hand. Maybe I could never use it aging. Maybe my father would come out a carry me back into his house, wash my hand till the pain stopped and tell me he loved me. Maybe he would yell at my step mom for making me do all this work.

I let go of the rock and forced back tears. For I knew my dad wouldn't come out and hold me. But the blood was starting to scare me. At that moment my brother noticed the blood.

'Kristen stop the bleeding or some thing the smell of blood is starting to make me sick.' My brother didn't do any thing besides that. Not like I expected more but still.

So with one hand I took off my purple ribbon belt and rapped it around my hand.

'Stephen what should I do now?' I'm sure my eyes looked something like a bunny rabbits.

'I don't know take a break for a while. Were going to be out here till she got a pathway so don't take to long.'

I cradled my arm against my chest and grabbed a small rock and hugged it against my chest crushing my arm and stared to do what I had been doing all day.

Drowning in my thoughts has the sun was beaming down from the hot Reno air and my neck became more chapped. And the sun became the moon.

While my purple ribbon belt was soaked in unloved blood.

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