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Good bye my friend

January 18, 2009
By Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Tears Streaming down my face ,sobs racking my entire body, hands clutching the sides of the bench .In total despair ,I felt as if my heart had just been ripped out and eaten for lunch. The most horrible day ever had finally come.
Today we were packing up my dog’s possessions and putting them in the car to take to my aunt’s. We thought we would be able to keep my dog forever ,but after the first couple of weeks ,the incessant barking and scratching ended up with having to give my dog a way. I remember staring out the car window as the endless streets went by .I wanted this ride to last forever but I knew it couldn’t .I just sat there staring into space clutching my dog Rocky . He was one of the best things to happen to me .He was my best friend and now he was being taken away from me . I felt heartbroken and oddly enough I felt anger to. I was mad that I had worked so hard to try to keep Rocky and I would still have to give him away. I daydreamed about the times I roller skated with him, played with him, and took him to the park . He was so full of energy and he was always so funny. The day when the manger had come to tell us that we had to give up Rocky was one of the worst days of my life. I remember looking out the window of my bedroom that very morning and seeing a beautiful sunny day ,why couldn’t it have been a dark and stormy day I had thought as I glared at the wonderful cherry day.
I was pulled back into reality as we pulled up in front of my aunt’s house .Just the sight of it made my eyes fill up. We got out of the car and settled my dog in the backyard. Then we had to leave. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. My heart ached as I heard my dog’s wailing cries as we drove away. For days to come I couldn’t get over my anger and grief. Every where I went I was reminded of my beloved Rocky .He was my Angel, for he was the one who made me go outside, he was the one who would lay at my feet and listen to me read out loud. He was the one who would comfort and play with me, he was the one who would always stay beside me and protect me .He was my Best friend.
My life was lonely before I got Rocky. I didn’t go outside because I didn’t have someone to play with. When Rocky came my life turned for the good and I was happier.

The day we left Rocky a wound opened in my heart and it took weeks to heal. At first I didn’t want to heal. I wanted to scream and yell to express my anger and grief, but in the end I learned that if you loved something or someone and you had to let them go it was okay to be angry ,but it was also okay to heal because healing isn’t forgetting. And of course a best friend is someone never forgotten . To me Rocky will be and forever will be my greatest friend and as with every best friend he will not be forgotten but kept under a lock in a once wounded heart.

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