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Childhood Lessons

February 3, 2009
By PaloVerde1 GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
PaloVerde1 GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
"Years later, I look back and thing what the hell I was doing."

My blanket, my tea-set, my bear, and my snow globe, all taught me things throughout my childhood that could never be written down as homework or explained to me by my parents.

-They taught me how to trust.
-How to hope.
-They taught me that it would always get better.
-How to be gentle.
-That being warm is what matters most, but sharing the warmth makes you feel happy.
-That there is a life waiting for me and only me out there.
-How to cuddle.
-They taught me how to cry, and not to be judged for it.
-That I could imagine anything that I wanted to be, and I could become it.

Those Saturday mornings taught me life lessons. Between Blues Clues, Rugrats, and Little Bear, nothing was impossible. Deep within those Saturday morning cartoons showed me what to be and how to live; just with their simple songs and story-lines.

-Share everything
-Play fair
-If you look hard enough, you'll find the solution
-Cold milk and warm cookies are good for you
-A hug from a friend is the best gift of all
-Clean up your own mess
-Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody
- Live a balanced life'learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work everyday some
-Afternoon naps are good for you
-It never hurts to work together
-When you go out in the world, watch for traffic, hold hands, and stick together

Kindergarten school days were the best days of my life; who wouldn't want their day to consist of cookies, painting, spelling, sharing, a nap, and then get to go home with a lesson learned? While we are young, we learn to believe. We learn that nothing is impossible and that we can accomplish anything no matter how hard or far away it may seem. During those simple lessons in Sunday School, we didn't just learn about are past and our ancestors. We learned about our future and our dreams; and that no one could possibly ever take them away from us unless we allow it.

The author's comments:
I write about what happens to me, what I feel, and what the people around me are going through. If you aren't a big fan on what I write about, stop reading. I am who I am, no one's approval is needed.

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