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Police Brutality

November 16, 2015
By angeltreshon BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
angeltreshon BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
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Police officers use force to do their jobs.  Some officers are promoting force beyond what’s necessary.  They are using chokeholds, headlocks, and shooting suspects without proper cause.  However, officers have to follow laws just as the other citizens in society. Citizens have taken it to social media to expose officers who use excessive force.  Yet, thousands of cases arise monthly showcasing the excessive force of police brutality.

The brutal assaults are the most common misconducts of police brutally.  There are officers who may use their control excessively.  They may brutally beat their suspects in order to get them to confess or to get information needed for an arrest. Some officers use their power to get sexual gratification from suspects in exchange of their freedom.  The sexual violence of rape is apart of police brutality that goes unheard of because many refuse to report the incidents.  Some officers threaten and steal from suspects.  The psychological intimidation and threats are apart of the growing issues of police brutality, which must stop in order for us to end this society’s illness.

The crucial force of racial profiling is a vital issue surrounding police brutality.  Racial profiling has been a rising conversation.  There are so many cases, which have evolved due to racial profiling.  The discriminating practices by law enforcement officers targeting African-Americans and Hispanics have become over-whelming.  These citizens are being targeted for suspicious crimes based on their race, ethnic backgrounds, religion, and origin. Yet, all citizens have rights and should be treated equally according to the constitution of our country. Classes are being promoted to assist people understand the ways of the law and act accordingly with respect for law officers. Racial profiling may be stop if the citizens as well as the officers would try to understand each other and stop discrimination. 

Everyday, police officers face dangerous situations while carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities of protecting and serving our communities.  In combat against police brutality, classes are being promoted to assure that officers are properly train to handle their jobs without promoting excessive, brutal, or crucial force upon the citizens of our great country.  When dealing with danger and unpredictable situations, police officers must be ready to determine the proper response legally without corruption.  This country will become safer for all mankind if we respect one another and the law, which governs us all.

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