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Mother MAG

By Anonymous

     Mother, my one star in an empty sky, knows all."Where are my gray sneakers? Do we have any pencils in the house?" Iask, and then comes her response, as quick as a cheetah, as if she already knewmy questions before they flew from my mouth. She is a whole book of Post-It notesscribbled with reminders like "Don't forget your project is due thisFriday." She is like Superwoman; she has a million responsibilities, yet shemanages to get everything done.

She takes the time to care, and is alwaysthere when I need her most, like a paper towel ready to clean up a grape juicespill. She has taught me right from wrong better than any TV show could. She islike a soft, cozy chair providing a feeling of safety all around, alwayslistening like an attentive audience at a Broadway musical, focusing on eachdancer.

Inspired by the vignette "Smart Cookie" fromSandra Cisneros' The House on Mango Street.

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i love this so much!