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      Asking “Have you seen any movies lately?” is a common conversation starter. Having the edge and seeing a movie before anyone else drives us to see even more movies.

Most of what goes on in a movie theater is overlooked because people are worried about getting to their movie on time. I was the same way - that is, until I started working at a movie theater.

The theater where I work is smaller than most in the area, and recently it instituted reserved seating. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, but overall, it helps everyone. For one thing, you know that you’re going to have a seat when you buy your tickets, plus you don’t have to spend time looking for a seat. From the computer, you can see where people have bought tickets, so you know in advance if you can sit together or not. It also eliminates lines. People can show up a minute before the show begins and have a seat in the location they want. On the other hand, it takes a bit longer to sell the tickets and is sometimes frustrating to customers.

One of the duties at the theater is called “floor,” which includes checking tickets, cleaning theaters, and sweeping the lobby. One time when I was working floor, we had almost sold out the show and I was assigned to clean up before the next one. While I was trying to do this, a family of seven came in carrying three popcorn tubs, six drinks, and all kinds of candy. They peered into the theater and then turned to leave. I heard the mother say, “What’s taking him so long?” Her comment made me so angry! I was tempted to run over to them and, pointing to their movie treats, say, “That’s why! That’s why I’m taking so long - because families like you spill your popcorn and drinks all over! That’s why!” But I just kept cleaning, though a bit faster.

I’ve worked at this theater for almost a year and it’s actually a pretty cool job with lots of benefits, but even so, I sometimes wish I could make it all go away. Between customers screaming orders and having to clean theaters, sometimes I want to give up and leave. On one such day, though, one particular customer stuck out to me. He said “Thank you” when no one else would. He was grateful for the speed with which I was moving the line and after the movie, he complimented me again and said the popcorn was especially good. It is people like him that make it all worth while. I’ve seen him a few times and he always appreciates the work we do to make his visit enjoyable. So, next time you go to the movies, I hope you appreciate those who try to help you enjoy the experience.

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