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A History of Love and Hate

November 8, 2008
By Anonymous

From the moment that I saw her, I knew that she was different from all of the other girls in the kinder class, she had kind of bobbing hair and she had some tie-dye T-shirt on shorts and some tennis shoes on. Most of all she was the daughter the principal’s that would always try to make us look like lower life forms by pulling our hair and pinching the back of our necks. She was a good friend, but we had a love-hate relationship throughout elementary school. If you’re reading this article this is dedicated to you, I wont reveal her name but this should ring a few bells.

During all of elementary, this friend and I would play out in some trees in the entrance of the playground in our elementary school, sometimes we would be at each other’s throats, fighting. I specifically remember fighting with her and going to Connie, the security guard at out school that she was treating me bad, what did the principal do? I don’t know, because it looked like she was getting away with anything at the time. One thing that really irritated me was that she had her face plastered all over the yearbook because she was the principal’s daughter; I worked hard for attention and a good picture of me whistling in scrubs.

Even we did have our ups and downs we were in middle school now and we were expected to act more maturely but not act more then our age. This whole thing with this friend didn’t go away, it only escalated into almost becoming violent. My friend and I were in 6th grade and we were young, so we were going out, had my first kiss with her behind a wall in the back of the school and we were seen holding hands in the hallways. Usually we would skip the lectures in band practice to make out in the closets. After some weeks of dating I called it quits because my mom would oppose of me and my girlfriend going out and the fact that we were only 6th graders. After we called it quits, she had some personal grudge against me and she did before we were going out. She had this friend run after me and try to chase me. I was too fast for them and it was this way foe quite some time.

Before we left the 6th grade me and (my now best friend) were fighting in band class and the teacher sent out a disciplinary form for the both of us. First of all, she was hurling her math book at me, that weighed about 5 pounds and was hard back and I only took a swing at her with my trapper, that’s it! After that I really hated her guts now because she was getting me in trouble.
I was glad that she was embarrassed in front of the whole class. We were taking this test and out of nowhere, she just lets one rip out loud and looking shameless! When the teacher asked her if she wanted to go to the bathroom she could only, nod. The most memorable part was after she stepped out of the classroom, everyone, even the teacher was roaring with laughter. That was sort of a triumph for me because she got what she deserved.

I thought 7th grade would mean new teachers seeing old friends and a clean slate, but I was wrong about that, with sharing the same classes again meant problems. I had a science class with her and we were stuck making a rocket with her, usually a 7th grader will be thrilled but I was looking for a partner and we were stuck together. We managed to get a good grade on the rocket; which helped our rocky relationship get better.

The worst point was one day in our physical science class where we were bugging each other and it was getting worse, and worse. We were using something to get on each other’s nerves, I don’t remember what I used, but what she used was that spark that lit the gas. She took my glasses away from me, leaving me blind and furious. She was a little bit taller than me so she used that to my advantage by holding them above her head. I remember that I saw her belly and I really had all the opportunity to give her a cheap shot she would never forget. Yeah, just get expelled and chivalry would haunt me forever, I didn’t give her that cheap shot to the belly. It was a very smart thing to do. The entire class was being amused by this act of bullying, even the teacher was laughing at me! Everyone left the class laughing and thinking this was all a big joke, I was very mad at the teacher for keeping it going and I collected me stuff and my glasses leaving the class furious and trying me best to hold back tears.

I was glad my ex girlfriend left the middle school I was going to and was going to another middle school, the only other one in our area. After middle school, I didn’t see my ex-girlfriend anywhere I thought she moved to I-don’t-care. She transferred to a Catholic school across the city. I only thought I finally got rid of her for good.

Sophomore year yielded a new year to make mends with my friend, so we did because guess what? We shared a class again! How weird! After a while of trying to get her to date she comes back to me more conniving than ever to get her to date me. For quite some time, I didn’t accept and she grew more desperate until I finally gave in and we were lovers again. This relationship lasted longer than we expected. We were dating for about 6 months and then, her behavior started changing.

While I was texting her standard “I love you” replies when she didn’t answer her phone, which was weird because she would always answer in a while. Hours passed and I felt very lonely in the room after dark. Her friend answered back that my girlfriend drank about 18 beers and she had to get her stomach pumped in the hospital! This terrified me because my girlfriend was getting wasted at parties and being wild.

By the time our junior year whisked by, we had been going on and off not taking to each other. I would asked her why and she would just say that she’s having problems. Thought the year we had episodes of on taking to each other.
Our longest period of time not taking to each other was from the middle of March to the beginning of August. We didn’t talk to each other, not even text each other for 5 moths. In august of this year, I saw her with the class T-Shirt wanting to talk to me. Oh, now you want to talk huh? I was going to blow her off like she did to me for almost 6 months but I listened and we talked for a while.
Now we say hi to each other in campus and talk and I walk her to her first period class while we small talk about anything that’s on our minds. She kept having these periods of time where she would ignore me, the shortest one only lasted about 3 weeks. When she wanted to talk she told me she was ignoring me because her uncle died. I only told her “sorry to hear that”.
My best friend and I are the same because we can relate to the same problem; she’s open about anything that’s on her mind. If you saw us you would judge us and say that we don’t associate with the same clique. That’s wrong because were different in how we look, what kinds of stuff we like and don’t like, he way we dress, the grades we get. My best friend likes only hard, Goth and industrial, while I like all types of music, even the types she listens to. I prefer not to be caught dead wearing plugs (large stud crammed in between your ear cartilage). Plus, my mom would hang me upside down and paddle me raw. My best friend likes to shop only in the skating stores like Zumiez and Hot Topic while prefer preppy stores like Aeropostale, American Eagle and Anchor Blue. Were so different and similar at the same time.

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