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13 Ways to Use a Coat Hanger

June 6, 2010
By kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
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1. Marshmallow-roasting. While untwisting the wire can be tricky, the rewards greatly exceed the possible poking and stabbing.
2. A bow for your pretend arrows. Especially handy for when those pesky backyard monsters are after you, and your pretend gun is out of bullets.
3. Beating up your little brother when he refuses to give you one of his animal crackers.
4. “You lock your keys in your car?”

“Nope, just washed it. Hanging it up to dry.”
5. You know that impossible-to-reach spot directly in the middle of your back that itches constantly due to Murphy’s Law? Well not anymore…
6. Perfect for poking air holes in the shoebox where you keep the pet ladybug you found at the lake
7. A pirate’s hook. Isn’t that what they were made for? Just clip all that pesky “hanging” part off the bottom, and you’ve got yourself a regular Captain Hook costume.
8. A necklace. Okay, not a very pretty necklace, but I’m running out of creative ideas here.
9. If you make a particularly large sandwich and a toothpick simply won’t do, straighten out the coat hanger… three feet of wire may be big enough to hold your monster meal together properly.
10. Pierce your tongue with the pointy end. Hey, I didn’t say these were good ideas.
11. When you see a member of the opposite sex you find attractive, “accidentally” catch the fabric of their shirt in the curved end as you walk past them. They won’t think it’s weird at all that you like to carry coat hangers with you.
12. Instant toilet paper hanger.
13. Oh wait, you can actually use it to hang coats in your closet, can’t you?

The author's comments:
I'm definitely a list person... don't take this literally :)

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