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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow MAG

By Anonymous

   Cars are polluting the atmosphere with the noxious gasses they emit. The earth cannot handle all the toxins and eventually the life-sustaining atmosphere will deteriorate. There are many other pollutants being released into the world every day, but cars are a major factor. The human race must change its ways in order to save our planet.

Automobiles have become necessary transportation in industrial countries. Cars would be a good form of transportation, but an internal combustion engine, which is a controlled gasoline explosion, propels them. Millions of Americans rely on their cars to get them to work every day, resulting in toxins released into the air.

The search for a new automotive energy source should intensify before the air is poisoned or non-renewable petroleum is depleted.

There are already different ways to power automobiles. Electric and solar-powered cars are being tested, but more time and effort need to be devoted to perfecting what has been accomplished.

In addition to solar and electric cars, the European maglev train offers a great possibility. The train moves by changing the polarity of two magnets, allowing it to float above the rail and speed forward at 300 miles-an-hour. The maglev system itself does not pollute the air, but it does use a considerable amount of electricity, therefore is a clean way to generate that power it uses.

The nations of the world must work together to find other energy sources for cars in the 21st century. The answer to the problem may be cars running on batteries charged by solar power, or even electricity generated from clean sources, including ocean tides and wind-powered generators. Something has to be done soon, or the teenagers of today may not be able to drive cars in the future. ^

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