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First High School Crush

April 30, 2008
By Anonymous

The girl was just starting high school and yes, she was excited. She has gym with a really cute boy the first day. The boy comes up to her and says “fresh kicks” meaning nice sneakers and walks away. He was kind of flirting when he said it. The girl thought OMG! This cute boy just talked to me, he must have some interest in me. The girl, eager to find her new crush online, finds his facebook and messages him. After she does this she IMs him on AIM. What can I say, it was her first high school crush and she just couldn’t sit still. When she IMd him, he wasn’t all that nice. He said, “Yea, I’m the boy from gym now leave me alone, you’re so annoying.” The girl was hurt but yet confused about the boy’s actions. Her first high school crush didn’t turn out too nice. So a month goes by and the boy comes up to her in school saying some rude comment about her pink hair extensions. The girl’s friends laugh thinking it’s all fun and games. The girl is so mad! She decides to IM him later that night. She IMs him and it comes down to either you send me a naked picture or I won’t stop harassing you! The girl once again was confused! She tried getting out of the situation trying to say no. Every time she tried he made up a new threat. Finally she says fine, I will if could become friends. He says of course just send it. The girl takes the picture knowing she’ll regret it and sends it. Shortly after the boy says, “Nice picture,” and sends her a picture of himself naked! The next day the girl IMs the boy saying “listen could we please forget about those pictures?” The boy says of course after you send the picture again. He starts begging, “Please, Please” he begs the girl. Then he threatens her once again. She gives in once again, knowing once again she’ll regret it. She realizes it was sexual harassment. Although it was harassment she decides to move on because the boy said he would be nice to her now and besides he was really cute! So months go by and the girl and boy fight non-stop! They keep making fun of each other. Bickering about the dumbest things. She knows this is not what she wanted; she just wanted him to notice her, but not like this. The girl would cry almost every night not knowing where her first high school crush went so absolutely wrong. So when the boy made fun of her she would be rude back. When the boy ignored her she was rude back too. She started being really mean trying to get the boy to feel how she had felt when he made her send the picture. Still there was no hope. He didn’t seem to care or notice just fought back. Even when the boy found out she liked him he turned her down. He hurt her so bad. He lied and said he had a girl friend. One night the girl IMd him asking why he ever made her send that picture because the question was haunting her ever since that day he had made her. He told her she was crazy, mean and weird. He also stated that he never wanted to hear from her ever again. At this point the girl had enough of this boy abusing her feelings. She ends up in the hospital because she tries to hurt herself. When the boy finds out he really didn’t care. Just yells at the girl because everyone in school is blaming her trying to hurt herself on him. After all that she couldn’t give up. All she wanted was him. She had no clue why she liked him all she knew is that she truly did. After all it just was an innocent high school crush. Then the boy goes to his parents claiming that the girl was verbally harassing him. She was so devastated she never wanted it to get that far. She just wanted him to see what he got for using her and setting her up for disappointment. Anyway, the police and vice principal got involved. The girl did not want to bring up the pictures because she felt uncomfortable! So when they asked why she was mean to him she simply said it was because he started it. There was no mention of any pictures. Until one day the police came to the girl’s house because everything got out of hand. The girl could not let the boy off the hook after he made her suffer for several months. He was really the only thing that made her feel special. Talking to a cute boy like him made her feel like they had something even if it was just a friendship. Since they were banned from contact the girl could not talk to him anymore. So the boy tried to get the girl arrested for harassment and the girl finally spills her story about the picture he made her send. After that day she could never talk to him ever again because he would tell on her for contact. To this day the freshman girl reads this story going over every last detail wondering where she went wrong or what she could have done different to get him to like her. Knowing she’ll never have that special feeling when he talks to her over the phone or AIM. Knowing she can’t look forward to him saying hi to her in school as she would get butterflies in her stomach. All she wanted was his attention for him to notice her. He’ll never realize how she felt. Even if he ever does he won’t say sorry or contact her because that’s truly just how this boy is. He won’t care because that’s just the way he does things. So she moves on saving the good memories she once had of him. Even though he wasn’t all that nice. She should have never given into his pressure. She should’ve said no. She should’ve given up when she realized he wasn’t the kind of boy that would care. She liked the boy, the boy didn’t want to care. He didn’t even take the time to notice how much he put her through. How she never wanted it to go so far as the police getting involved. She almost ended up in hand cuffs over her first high school crush.

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