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Exciting Plans for RHS Cafeteria Renovation

May 13, 2010
By N.Sweet GOLD, Roslyn Heights, New York
N.Sweet GOLD, Roslyn Heights, New York
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The RHS is very up to date in terms of technology and resources. However, the RHS cafeteria has not been renovated since 1997. Everything is currently outdated, the food is neither healthy nor enjoyable, and there is a very limited amount of seats. Only 14% of RHS students use the cafeteria. As a result, the board and faculty of the high school agree that it must be renovated. When the idea for this came up, many new and exciting ideas regarding the cafeteria were offered. Mr. Kcinlip, vice principal of the RHS kindly explained the plans for the new cafeteria.

The board is in agreement that the cafeteria will be one big and functional room, similar to a college food court. (Presently, it consists of two rooms, separated by a large wall and the kitchen.) The goal is to attract students by serving better food and creating a better work and hang out environment. The renovated cafeteria will be able to sit 320 students, which will eliminate the need for so many lunch periods at unappealing times. The cafeteria will contain many food stations that students can choose from. This includes a pizza, burger, and sandwich station. Along with having more pleasing foods, both to the eye and tongue, foods will be much healthier. The amount of outlets in the cafeteria will increase and there will be computer stations among the cafeteria, allowing students to do their work in a comfortable environment. Lastly, a terrace in the courtyard will sit around 50 students on nice, sunny days.

The community is worried that the cafeteria will increase taxes. However, Mr. Kcinlip repeatedly said,
“None of the money used for the cafeteria will come out of taxes. The RHS has a capital reserve which is set aside for capital projects, such as this.” Since the money is from a capital reserve, it cannot be used for other things, such as textbooks or desks. Food prices will stay the same, as it must be affordable for students and no new staff will be needed either.

Mr. Kcinlip said that the renovation of the cafeteria will not be a problem in terms of work being done in it during the school year. Most of the work will be done during the summer and will be finished by 2011. If worse comes to worse and the school year did start before the finishing of the cafeteria, a replacement kitchen will be opened.
“Renovation of our cafeteria has done before and has gone longer than planned, so we are prepared.” said Kcinlip

RHS has already hired the KD & G Company to lead this process and have looked at a number of architects. The decision now lies in the hands of the community. Later this month, community members will vote on the budget, as well as the approval for the renovation of the RHS cafeteria.

The author's comments:
The current buzz around RHS is the excitment of the new cafeteria. I got an inside scoop from Mr. Kcinlip on what is going to happen. Thank you for your time Mr. Kcinlip!

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