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Frank Tassone, Going Home- Sparks Criticism

February 23, 2010
By N.Sweet GOLD, Roslyn Heights, New York
N.Sweet GOLD, Roslyn Heights, New York
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ROSLYN, NEW YORK- Frank Tassone, the former superintendent of Roslyn Public Schools, was let out of prison due to good behavior. Earlier in the decade, this scandal gained the Roslyn area an unwanted reputation. In 2006, his original sentence was four to twelve years on grand larceny charges. Now, about eight months and four days shy of that four year minimum sentence, he is released. Although Tassone will be on parole until 2018, criticism among the Roslyn Teachers Association and the Nassau County District Attorney has sparked.
Local residents of Roslyn are appalled by Tassone’s early release from jail. Tassone is known as the “Madoff of Roslyn.”
Michael Lukas Jr., owner of Garden Cleaners in Roslyn said, "For what he did to the children of Roslyn, he should be put right next to Madoff. This is a slap on the wrist."
Roslyn was forced to change its ways when this scandal occurred. In all, $11 million was stolen from the district due to Tassone. This money was used by six Roslyn employees, such as Tassone and Pamela Gluckin, for expensive personal matters. For example, a costly vacation to Europe was paid for with the school district’s money. The scandal and huge loss of money led to drastic changes in the board of education, as all members who served during the time of the scandal resigned or were fired. The children of Roslyn were also greatly affected. Many cuts were forced to be made and certain classes were no longer offered. For example, Spanish in the elementary school curriculum was removed because Roslyn did not have the money to pay for this benefit.

Students who went to Roslyn during the time of the scandal are furious and ask the question “Why did he get out?” The students say that Tassone took away benefits that the students were supposed to have had. In other words, he stole money from children. Eleanor Russell, the Roslyn Teachers’ Association president wonders why Tassone is being released as well.
"We really don't understand the system of justice that would let Frank Tassone out after all the damage he has done to the Roslyn public schools, including the teachers and the community," she said.
Tassone left Hale Creek Correctional Facility last Tuesday. He will remain on parole until 2018 and will be under strict rules. Tassone will have a curfew and will be subject to substance abuse testing. He will be forbidden to drink or gamble. Most importantly, he will not be able to work in any job. However, he will be given a yearly pension of $173,495, as he was also given in prison. This, along with his early release, sparks a large amount of criticism.

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