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The One That Got Away

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Tony was one of those boys. He was the kind of guy that made it feel like your mouth was full of tapioca when you tried to speak. He was the kind of guy that your mother loved and the kind of guy that would be on a crest white strip commercial. He had been a starting varsity baseball player since sophomore year, national merit scholar finalist, and my lab partner.
The hodgepodge of thai noodles, Tina Fey, and Scrabble tournaments that regularly claimed my Friday nights had been pushed off into the abyss upon the arrival of two invitations to two parties. The first, from my good friend Maddie, and the second from Tony.
As my best friend Julia and I prepped for the night's festivities, I examined the solid oak dresser laden with accessories. Sorting through, I found what I was looking for. A golden necklace, heavy, tarnished, and circular with a Buddha etched on it's center. I loved it.
Feeling the weight of the necklace slam into my chest as I halted my car at Tony's house. I inhaled deeply. This was the first party I had gone to without Julia or my boyfriend Brian. I knew they would both be waiting for me at Maddie's but something about being alone made me feel uneasy.
I walked in. The smell of cigarette smoke and weed pierced my nostrils. Setting down my swim parka with my car keys, I poked around awkwardly for a few minutes until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around slowly, feeling tiny chills run up and down my spine. Tony.
I tried to play it off like I was cool "Nuthin much, you?"
I could feel his hazel colored eyes scanning me. Analyzing me from toe to--
"What the f*** is that?" He sneered pointing at my Buddha necklace.
There is a buzzing in my ears. I slip off the necklace and place it into my jean pocket.
"Oh, it's nothing. Just something stupid"
Tony grins and takes a few steps over to the kitchenette. Picking up a red party cup, he hands it to me.
"Take it. I'll see you around"
I take a drink then immediately cough it up. It tastes cough syrup spiked with hard liquor. My head spins. Everyone else has the same cups, holding them casually, drinking them occasionally. It's no big deal.
The minutes pass and everyone is starting to really get down.People are so tipsy that they babble on about nothing. My boyfriend's best friend, Charlie puts an arm around me.
"Pretty ass"
I shove off him. It's time to leave.
Slipping on my shoes quickly I turn around to fetch my parka. It's missing. I go numb. My parka has my keys in it. I call Julia begging for an SOS. I slouch on the side of the driveway, cold without my parka until I hear a moaning noise.
"Oh Yannss Im sogladd to findyou"
Out of the shadows, Tony sporting my swimming parking and reeking of vodka, greets me drunkenly.
"Jussss talkkk witme fo awhile"
I sigh "Tony, you are wearing my parka and you smell like sh**, go back inside"
There is a bright flash of lights that pull up to the curb. Julia.
"No. No. I juss wanna--" Then he stops. His face scrunches up like he is going to cry. And right then and there ladies and gentlemen, on the front lawn, in my swimming parka, the Tony vomits. I wince as I run away.
"I gotta go"
20 minutes later we arrive at Maddie's house. As we walk down into the basement, Brian hugs me.
"Thank God your here.The cops busted the place. Everyone is booked"
I study Brian, perplexed. I had just tasted the beer, and smelled the marijuana. I had just been there 20 minutes ago. Was I the one who had gotten away?
Brian could tell I was a little uneasy.
"Forget it. Let's go dance" I take his hand, but then stop.
Pulling the gold Buddha necklace from my jean pocket and placing it back on, I was ready.

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