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The Importance of Luck

July 31, 2009
By Yifan Fei SILVER, Beijing, Other
Yifan Fei SILVER, Beijing, Other
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Although people can’t succeed without hard working, sometimes luck is just as important as hardworking. Luck is the opportunity and to some extent is an indispensible factor to achieve success.
If a person works harder than everyone else in her company, and she is sick on that day, then her boss would have to choose someone else to fill in her position or take her responsibility.
Another example to show the role of luck in success involves a very good friend of mine whose name is Mary. Mary worked very hard and often studied until very late at night. She tried her best to do everything well, especially her homework. Because of her work ethic, every teacher liked her. Despite her effort, she wasn’t as lucky as a boy who named Tom in my class. Tom was very lazy and he never finished his homework after class.
Moreover, he never listened to the teacher. For example, he also disturbed other students. When we had an exam, he did better than my hardworking friend. My friend thought it was unfair and she suspected the boy copied other students‘ answers.
To conclude, people should not simply rely on luck. It is not the most essential thing in our lives. We also need hardworking. However, it is extreme to say that luck has nothing to do with success. Good luck can help you avoid troubles and can make success easier for you than for others.

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