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Most advertisements make the product seem much better than it really is.

August 8, 2009
By Yifan Fei SILVER, Beijing, Other
Yifan Fei SILVER, Beijing, Other
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Advertisement is a media that urge people to buy product. Consequently, advertisements do succeed in making the product better so that it could give audience an enjoyment for them to watch.
Advertisement is a media that stimulates people to buy a product. Consequently, it does not make the product better; it only gives audience an visual appeal

Advertisers use special effects on a product and tend to exaggerate its function. If an advertisement appeals to people at once, it drives people to buy this product. Some research indicates that if a product stimulates a person’s vision immediately, he will be interested in this thing. For example: a large number of advertisements promote the medicine, and the advertisers add some magical effects in these products. As a result, people who have these symptoms are likely to buy the medicine.

Furthermore, some advertisements are staffed by popular singers or sports players. They are always the idols of some people, so when people watch an advertisement, they are appealed by the product. In fact, some of the products are not as good as people’s imaginations, but many people buy these products because of their idols. Jay Chou—a popular Chinese singer performed an advertisement about potato chips. While he was playing the piano, potato chips were jumping out of the box. Then he picked up one of them and gave a satisfied feeling on his face. As a result, most of my classmates bought this brand of potato chips, but it does not taste as nice as we thought.

I watched an advertisement about a magical tool that gives your eyes a special treatment. This advertisement lasted about 10 minutes and showed some children who had already benefited from this tool. As a result, this tool attracted me a lot and I asked my mom to but tone? for me. After I used this for a month, I realized my eyes did not feel relaxed anymore and the special functions which were showed on TV disappeared.

Hence, it is important for us to think carefully after we see an attractive product. Of course the products have some functions, but the advertisements exaggerate a lot. We must be more cautious about most of the advertisements.

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