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Extent family becomes less important today than in the past.

August 8, 2009
By Yifan Fei SILVER, Beijing, Other
Yifan Fei SILVER, Beijing, Other
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Whether family becomes less important today than in the past or not has become a controversial topic. Some people believe that our careers have taken place of family, but in my opinion, family is the most important part of our lives.
Although many people are busy with their work all the time, it is still a good idea for them to talk with their family, especially if they have young adults. If some of them already have jobs, it is likely that they may meet lots of troubles such as how to deal with the relationship with their colleagues. In China, family members help each other, and sometimes even grandparents will tell the young people how to handle their problems because they have more experience. As a result, these young adults will likely deal with these troubles more easily than others and it is helpful for them to adapt to their new jobs quickly.
My cousins have always been my close friends since we were young. They have not only influenced my lives in the past but also in nowadays. We have many common languages because of our age similarity. For example: some secrets I find it hard to share with my parents, I share them with my cousins all the time. I usually adopt the advice from my cousins when I meet problems in study, because they are more likely to understand my situation.
Moreover, I always miss my family members very much when I go abroad by my - self. I went to Britain with my school group as a part of the summer camp. I missed my family every night, even though I had a wonderful time in London. After I finished the trip, I wished it would be more fantastic if my family went there with me. Before I went back to China, I also brought a lot of souvenirs for them.
Our family supports us, encourages us and gives us pleasure no matter what happened. I am often inspired by a family member who dominated organ to his relative who is sick badly. Family is always the most essential part of our lives. It cannot be taken place by anything.

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