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I Miss The Stars (Prose)

August 3, 2009
By MollyD SILVER, Thibodaux, Louisiana
MollyD SILVER, Thibodaux, Louisiana
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I'm counting the yearsweeksdays until I see you again.

Do you still smell like fresh flowers?
Are you still allergic to feathers?
Is your laugh still contagious?

Do you still love me?

I hope you do.

Happiness is like a star that doesn't always shine.
It can sparkle, yet It's light can flicker like a burning light bulb.
It can be right in front of you or hiding behind a tree.

But the stars follow you.
They only go where you are.
They have nothing on your eyes.

The nights are lonely and the stars are empty.

I miss you.
I miss the stars.

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