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Tattoo of destiny

September 21, 2023
By kystephens24 BRONZE, Salem, Missouri
kystephens24 BRONZE, Salem, Missouri
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The air felt heavy as I rolled out of bed. My alarm is screaming at me to awake. I get up and rub the sleep out of my eyes. I suppose I'm awake enough to make two pieces of buttered toast with grape jelly. Along with a fresh pot of coffee. I always say I'm going to stop drinking coffee. But then I find myself making some. I practically swallow my toast whole and then rush to jump in the shower while my coffee gets done brewing. As the shower water heats up I take a long look in the mirror. Weird to think that five years ago I didn't have any tattoos. 

                      But now I'm covered in them. From neck to toe. I'm not ready for face tats yet. I do plan too but not at this moment. I need to be hired for a job first. Then after I make some money and am a trusted employee. The money situation isn't looking great at this point in time. But I can tell things are going to look up very soon. I look over to the clock and realize that I'm about to be late if I don't hurry and get in the shower. I have a tattoo appointment to make. 

                     This is a new place. I've never gotten one done here. But I saw good reviews and thought why not. The owner and artist's name is Rachel. When I was little I had a neighbor whose name was Rachel. She was quite a bit older than my own mother. But she always helped us. She was a blessing for us. We needed her and she needed us. We were the only family she had had in a long time.  She passed away a few summers ago. We are still taking it  hard. 

                     But on to lighter news. The coffee is done. Along with my shower perfect timing. The coffee turns out amazing. Oddly way better than normal. With a deep rich taste that would wake a dead man. I can almost feel the energy rush through me. While enjoying this wonderful cup of joe i failed to realize that i am still soaking wet. And now I have dripped water all through the apartment. I pick the mop out of the hallway closet. 

                       With little time left to get ready I spend a few moments mopping up the mess I've made. It wasn't much of a job. I quickly grab the first shirt and first pair of jeans I find. I think about adding a hat but decide against it. It would be too much for the day. I just need to stop and talk about my interview that I had last week. But first shoes and my phone. I grab both and slip my feet into my sneakers. I never untie them. Same knots for years.

                       I check my phone for any new messages but nothing. Per the usual. I have started to get excited over bill collectors calling. I haven't been on a date since highschool. I don't talk to people when I'm out. I try but I end up just saying something like “yeah” which does not keep a conversation going. But we don't need to worry about that right now. Right now we need to worry about making it to the bus stop. Or else I'll really be in a bind. I have to make this appointment. 

                     This tattoo is going to be very special. It's a tribute to my late ex and best friend. Elsy she got into a car accident with some friends and she didn't make it. We grew up together. She was my only friend for a very long time. Her favorite mushroom was the death cap. So that's what I am going to have done right behind my ear. This is the first one that's above my neck. I have finally made it down the stairs of my apartments. I rush out the door and I'm met with a thick rainy fog. Perfect, very fitting. I check the time again. 

                   I really need to get my butt in gear. No use in even trying to flag down a cab. Good thing that this new parlor isn't very far from me. Which means I should get to the bus stop right before it takes off. As I try to get everything I need into my bag I bump into someone's shoulder. Without even looking up I start apologizing profusely. I hear the most entrancing laugh and I'm instantly pulled in. My head snaps up and I make eye contact with the most  beautiful woman I had ever had the pleasure of seeing. She smells of cinnamon and coffee. A fresh and perfect morning. 

                   As I'm standing there with my mouth wide open and leans down to help pick up some of my belongings. “Thank you” I finally make out. “Of course it was my fault” she lets out a little giggle. I melt. I need to know her name but as i'm about to ask she walks across the street. I lose her in the crowd. I'm brought back to reality when  I spot a man checking his watch. “Oh shoot my bus” I say to myself. Right as I run up to the bus stop I see it pull off. Time for plan B.

                    Time to just run. I sprint for four blocks before I get there. In the nick of time I might add. I bust through the door and come face to face with the most calming presence. She has chin length black hair that shapes her face perfectly. She has a shocked expression on her face. “Are you okay? Is there someone after you?” She questions. “I - no sorry i'm usually not so nervous talking to a person.” “I'm here for the death cap tattoo” “sorry that im a little late.” “Oh no you're all good.” “I had to clean up from the last client I had.” 

                   She gets me in the seat. “So what's your first name?” “Sam.” I reply a little faster than I should have. She gives a cocky look and smirks. We have some more small talk before she starts. It's a small tattoo so it's not that painful. It all goes over very well. After it's all done I try to pay but realize I don't have any cash on me. She says she likes me enough to trust me with writing a check.

                 I use this as an opportunity to give her my number. She takes it while her face grows blush over it. A few days later i get a call. I answer and hear her voice on the other end. She has called to tell me that my check bounced. We work something out and decide to have dinner together instead. I'm so excited that I could barely contain it. We are going to have dinner this weekend. We are going to go somewhere simple. So we can really get to know each other and get to talk. 

                   I get home to a missed call from the office I applied to. Good news fills the air and the apartment has an almost eclectic feeling. I walk over to the fridge and pull out a beer.  Time to celebrate. This is a very good feeling. For the first time in a long while I finally got the job I have been looking for. I throw myself into my chair that sits in front of my tv and ps3. I couldn't afford a ps4. So I settled. 

                  We meet up at a corner store and have a very laid back time. It was so romantic. I walked her home after and that's when we kissed. It's been six years since then. We have been going strong this whole time. We plan to get married within the next year. It's been perfect. We have one child and another on the way. We have a little girl named eve. And a little boy named Max on the way. Things were good and they seemed to stay good. And that was that happily ever after. 

                    The wedding was beautiful. The white roses really added a much needed touch. It was outside in a vineyard. We got to make our own special wine. That we will drink on our tenth anniversary. I don't think we're ever going to be able to drink that wine though. Ever since the miscarriage, things haven’t been the same,I’ve been having dark thoughts. Racheal has been going crazy she hasn’t been herself. I wake up in the middle of the night and she's sitting there staring at me. With those dark vicious eyes. I can’t do it any longer. I have to get away before She completely flips. Before I end up dead. That morning I got up early, left a note and then left. Goodbye rachael, forever.

The author's comments:

I wrote this for class and i found that i really enjoyed the final product. As i hope all of you do. 

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