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Veracity vs. Fantasy

November 3, 2008
By e.nadeem PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
e.nadeem PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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The torn apart feeling when you want to loose yourself in fantasy – in a world that does not exist is, at times, unbearable and excruciatingly intolerable. The intense, desperate feelings of wishes and desires that can not be fulfilled are inexorable. The longing – the yearning and lust for escapism is an emotion so passionate in any human that no other feeling can penetrate it . . .

Sometime this world – this life – with all its daily problems and tribulations may prove too much for someone. Too much for someone to want to escape into their own fantasies and daydreams . . . lose themselves in a book they are reading, or letting the calm of music get to them . . . or imagining a different life . . . where they are not who they are, but a fictional character, as someone who does not exist – and never will.

And it is then that you lose grip over yourself and then you are a dream, instead of being in a dream. You’re unreal. You have the life you always yearned for, the answers you spent ages seeking. You have everything you ever wanted; and a free will. Your dreams and wonderful, tremendous delusions are true, real and awake inside you. You are entranced by the world behind which the meaning you were never able to elucidate; and it is this which is now your fantasy, turned into reality.

Were it all this was real. Was it all not an imagination again. If only your daydreams did not have such a strong grip over you to take over, to conquer over your actual reality and the life that you have never actually learned to appreciate.

If only you could look from a positive point of view. If only you could appreciate how much more fortunate you are than some others. How the tiniest of blessings bestowed upon you are so much compared to those who have . . . nothing. How every smile you can wrench onto your face has a meaning so intense that it could be studied till you reach the depths of its elucidation; a smile another person across the world could not even force onto their face, however hard they may try. Pillars you may break but this bond that holds you tight into the welcoming arms of reality will never unfold until you learn to value it.

If only you could learn to appreciate the life you have. If you could learn to look deeper into what you have instead of whatever you lack. If only the appreciation of veracity and actual life was one of the millions of fantasies you lose yourself into. How great it would all be then.

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