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What They Say

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

People say we aren’t better than them
Then people say we are better than you.
Schools other than Arrowhead hate us for this
Arrowhead hates other schools for that.

Why do we even say anything back?
We know we’re better we don’t have to tell them.
Show them in the game that we’re better
And when they say something again, we walk away proudly.

Their team loses the game
They keep saying we cheated.
We use steroids.
We recruit kids from other schools.

We win the game
We hear them saying we should have lost.
We should walk away proudly,
Some kids decide to start talking back.

Why do these kids feel it’s necessary to tell them we’re better?
We just won the game that is enough proof.
You don’t need to tell them we are better. Show them.
Why does everyone talk like this?

I hear things at any sporting event
Teams feel the need to try to make themselves better by talking us down.
Wherever I go outside of school I hear, “Oh, you’re from Arrowhead
You must be rich”, or “you guys suck”.

I’m sick of both sides saying things
I don’t care what you say, I know the truth.
For you talkers outside of Arrowhead, stop saying we cheat
For you talkers inside Arrowhead, stop talking back. We know who’s better.

Around the world this will happen. It’s the thought of competition
If there is someone better than you, you want to say you’re better.
I think instead of just saying they suck and you’re better, play them.
Doing something is more powerful than saying something.

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