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The Effects of Trust

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

I woke up in the morning tired and groggy, only to see on the small green lettered clock, that it was only three in the morning. I lay my heavy head back down to try to get some more sleep before I had to start to get ready for school. I lay and thought for a while until I finally dosed off.

I woke to my alarm clock going off wildly and crazy. I got dressed and went to school as usual. When I got home my cousin, Taylor was there, she was like my best friend, but she lived in Dumas, Texas. She came over to come play while her mom was shopping.

My cousin and I had just got on my computer to check our myspaces. We checked hers first, and I saw that she had added a lot of my friends. At that time there had been a lot of rumors going around but I didn't know who had started them. But I do now. Of course, it would be the only person I would never think of, my best friend, Taylor. She said that she needed to go to the bathroom and told me to check her stuff for her. By instinct I checked her myspace for her, and I had always started checking the private messages first. I found something very surprising, the source of all of the rumors. With the proof right there in my face I quickly forwarded the message to my myspace, and got up.

I snatched the brownish gold phone off of the charger and dialed her mom's cell phone number. With wet, salty tears streaming down my now crimson red face, I told her that she had to go home because I had to get ready for school the next day, even though it was only eight o'clock. I should have known, ever since we were little we were always in competition. It takes a lot to lose my trust and in a matter of a one minute. It turns out she had spreaded about four or five different rumors about me, some I've never even heard. And until this day my cousin and I still aren't even as much as friends. In reality it was my fault, I should have known that it was her, my best friend who was spreading the rumors about me, and even though, most of my friends at school knew they weren't true, it was still wrong and it still made me mad. I could have been the same person she was and played the same game with her afterwards, but I decided I was the bigger person and she has just proved it. My parents asked why we haven't been hanging out whenever she came over to my house. I just said, "It's because I'm busy, I have a lot of homework to do.", they believed me for the most part.

Until one day she started crying. She came over for a while and her parents didn't know yet, but I guess they were going to find out soon. My sister and I were in Lao New Years and we were practing our routine dances in the back yard, on the patio, and she was watching, trying to talk to me, and I ignored her, as it had been for about two months now. My sister and I finally had enough of her. Even though my sister was about eight at the time, she knew what Taylor did was wrong, so my sister hated her as much as I did. Taylor decided to follow, even though she knew she wasn't welcome. My sister and I headed to my room and locked my door.

The next thing I heard was something that I heard everyday, my mother calling my name, and in the exact tone that I heard the night before, the sound of my mom's irritation, the sound of me getting in trouble. My sister and I got called to the living room, where my parents, my and uncle, and my cousin were. My sister and I walked slowly, knowing that we were going to be in major trouble. We walked slowly and quietly to the living room, but then we heard my mom's irritated voice, calling us once again. Then our feet picked up pace, all you could hear were the thumps of our little feet on the tile floor. We opened the door connecting our outside room to the kitchen, and turned to look out of the arch that let us view the living room. The whole family was there, waiting, and my aunt had a crying Taylor in her arms. Taylor had told her mom that we were being mean, and that she didn't do anything. My mom was irritated. Her face was calm, but I could see the tints of anger in them. When we walked into the room, everyone stared at us. We knew automatically to go to the empty couch. My mother looked at us, and my father walked away. My mother started by saying “Why is Taylor crying?” and ended with “You three need to make up right now”. When my mom asked what was wrong with her, all I said was that she got mad because we were practicing and she wasn't in it. But Taylor responded, and a crying sob, “She hasn't talked to me in months, and I didn't even do anything!” My mom looked at me and suspected I was lying. At that moment I had had enough. I shouted “ You know I would still be talking to you if you wouldn't have started all those rumors about me, and don't even say you didn't because, I have all the proof on my computer!”. I shouted and shouted, back and forth with my mom, and then with Taylor. Finally, the fight ended, I quit and decided I was going to be the bigger person, my mother didn't want to take my side, my cousin would never get my trust back, and my sister would be the only I could tell my secrets to.

When my cousin left, my mom sat me down again. She said that she was sorry for taking her side, because when I left the room Taylor confessed to what she had done. My mom said that I didn't have to forgive her, but she wanted me to. She wanted me to because we were a family and she wanted to be able to have family events without people hating each other. But until this day, I still don't forgive Taylor. I don't trust her, and I don't want her anywhere near me. She tries, but after a while my mom figured that if I wanted to talk to her I would do it myspef and not my her force, and that I really don't need anyone that is going to start talking about me again, so she didn't really care if I forgave Taylor or not, she just wanted me to be happy. But my lesson is learned. I'm never going to trust anyone with my secrets again. I've learned that the only one you can trust is yourself. Thanks to Taylor, its even hard to trust my youngest sister. Knowing this I guess you can say, trust has an effect on you, even if it's just one person who betrays you. You can call it the trust effect.

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