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Alison‘s Baby Sister’s Story

April 23, 2008
By Anonymous

At about 6:30a.m, I was sleeping in my warm and cozy bed. When the phone started to ring. I unhappily got up, opened the door and turned, almost ran into the wall. There was an orange glow; I thought it must be the phone. I pick it up and sleepily said,


“Alison, Mary just had the baby!” It was my Dad, Mary; my step mom had her baby ten days before her due date.

“Was it a boy or a girl?”


“What’s her name?”

“Esparanza, but we are going to call her Espie.”

“O.k. Well, bye.”


I put the phone back and went to go wake up my mom. I turned around and almost ran into the other wall. Then I walked down the dark hallway and ran into the bedroom door. I found the door handle and opened the door, and went over to my Mom’s bed.
“Mom” I said as poked her. “Mom, I’m a big sister!”

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