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No Matter What

April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

I was 12 and headed into the 7th grade when it happened. It was something i never expected to occur in my "seemed to be perfect" life. It is not an uncommon thing, just a sad one.
My dad called my mom, sister, me and my half-brother who was down visiting back to his room. He broke the news the news he was moving out for a little while, that him and mom need some space. I knew it would lead to divorce and it did.
Being daddy's little girl slowly faded to an acquaintance. I saw him less, didn't talk to him as much and just kept slowly growing further away. People viewed me different and some had pity for me. Yeah, sure I was the last one to find out my dad had another woman
out of my friends, family and teachers. That didn't mean people had to talk to me and treat me different.
When an event takes place in my life that seems like nothing else can go wrong I look around. It could of been worse. I could have lost 4 family members including my 3 year old brother who I see everyday in a car wreck last year like one of my friends. I could of lost my mom in 8th grade due to her hanging herself in jail like another one of my friends. No one said life was easy.
I am now 16 and in the 10th grade. I am a lot stronger because of what I and my friends have been through. Even though I am not daddy's little girl anymore and he is not in my life nearly as much considering the fact he moved to Spokane, Washington and now lives in Florida, I have still learned a valuable lesson. My dad is still my dad no matter what he put my family through. I have had others step up to the plate and do their best at it and I appreciate it so much, it just isn't the same. So take what is thrown at you and become a better person of it, don't feel sorry for yourself, and set an example for those who aren't sure how to handle the hardships thrown to them in their lives.

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