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The Lady in White

April 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Tears rolled down his cheeks,
As he saw his mothers potrait.
Her elegant white gown,
Her innocent face which concealed,
All the pains she had borne,
Her jet black hair,
Her pink lips potrayed a warm smile,
But her blue eyes.....,
Her blue eyes held something,
That noone could understand except him.
Her eyes displayed loneliness and hurt, which only he could identify,
as it was overshadowed by her vibrant smile.
Life had not been kind to her,
She had been cheated and betrayed,
By her loved ones.
She sacrificed all that she had,
To bring up her little boy,
But she never received the respect,
That she deserved.
But now when she was gone,
Her little boy came back,
Searching for his mama.
But it was too late,
God had made other plans for her,
He now realised all that she had done for him,
But all he could do now was,
Cry his heart out and stare at the,

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