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When All Else Fails

March 14, 2008
By Anonymous

There is an ongoing argument between Love and Hate. It is an everlasting war; battles are fought one at a time. Human kind encourage these battles, they are brainstormed within the mind, and fought with a heavy tongue. Love is the mighty warrior, and in the end is never defeated. Hate cowers in shame, and in a matter of time, yet another battle is fought, all with the same outcome. Love always wins, and as it is said: “Love conquers all.” May the love be suddenly lost, hurt and broken, or suffering a grief, it regains itself, pieces itself back together, and stands again on tall feet.

Love and Hate encounter each other, once again, in yet another battle. Hate with a deceitful eye offers to the all-knowing Love: “Love, though it is known you are the all powerful, and all knowing, you cannot know all.” Love replies back to Hate, “Hate, I am not what you say. I may be a strong and powerful force, and I do not know all, but neither do you know all yourself.” Hate, with a malicious glint in his eye, answers, “If that is true, then why is it that Sorrow comes to me for relief, and Happiness falls to his knees before me? Anger is the follower of my footsteps, and Greed is my apprentice. Why do I know them so well? If you are the all powerful, why do they come to me first? Why do they not seek Love as their refuge?” Love contemplated the previous question, and with wisdom, he replied, “Hate, all you say is true, however I must persist to disagree. Yes, Sorrow comes to you first, but then again, he leaves you when he is unsatisfied with the pain. Happiness has his mistakes, but he too stands again. Yes, Anger follows your footsteps, however only to a certain point, and then turns back. Greed finds Generosity, and Generosity, being my second, lesser, half, meets Greed, and they join to follow me. Thus, you are wrong again Hate, the forces of the Mind may come to you, however they know not of what they are doing. You, Hate, do not know the right ways of the Mind to guide them. Only I can lead them correctly, so as pointless it may seem, the forces do come to you, but only for a short passing moment.” Hate further pleaded his notion, “That may be so, but there are those who fail.” “Yes,” Love agreed, “however, I help them stand again, and so a win crushes the fail.” Hate sighed in disbelief, and was ready to depart, when Love requested the furthering of his stay, “Hate, there is one I must never know, one I wish not to know. I do not know you, Hate. So, perhaps in a way, you are correct, but those you mentioned you yourself do not know. Amongst all the forces, Hate only knows Hate, and the other forces of the mind know Love. I will always be, in the past, the present, the future.”

Hate rose, and as he departed Love, Love mentioned a brief farewell, “Hate, I do not look forward to our next meeting, but meet we must, for Hate will never come to an understanding with Love. Go you must, and evil you must contain. In time I will see you again. Farewell Hate, may Love find a fulfillment in you.” And so Hate left, with scorn and strong hatred. His heart was washed with burning malicious flames. Yes, Love and Hate would have their future disagreements. Love is a war, as sad and disappointing as it may be. The forces of the mind have to be willing to seek Love. Then, and only then, will Love prove his almighty powerful strength. And so it is said, “Love conquers all.” Love conquers Fear, Anxiety, Despair, the list goes on. All swell within, and with a dehydrating emptiness, Love quenches their thirst. Love overcomes all obstacles, even those that are near the impossible. Battles arise between Love and Hate; it is the norm of the Mind. These events are the ones that must take place for life to take place. Hate will never win, forever it take the title of a failure. Love is the one the Mind seeks when all else fails.

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