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March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Success is something that builds one step at a time. I don’t think it comes automatically to a person; I know it didn’t to me. It took me many years of practicing and patience to become the person I am today. I am still learning new things each and every day which is a great habit to get into. All my life I have struggled with being successful or at least feeling it in my inner body, no matter how hard I tried it was never good enough. Every time a teacher returned a test of mine I looked at the score and it showed a F. I never felt so down in my life. Finally, in my senior year of high school, I signed up to take AP Statistics. Even though, I didn’t understand half of the material my teacher sat down with me and explained the information in a way that I could understand it. I ended up raising my test scores and for the first time got an A on a final exam. I truly felt successful. Success is what matters to me. Although success is important to me, getting the career a person wants is also essential.
Nobody wants to go into a career that they feel like they wouldn’t be essential to. For instance, I enjoy traveling so when I go to college I would like to get a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management because when someone works in a hotel a person works with a lot of tourism people from around the world. I have read a lot on this degree and it sounds fascinating. If someone is not happy at their job they probably won’t be happy in life. If someone is not excited about their life then they won’t be successful and in my mind success is top priority next to career choice. People in today’s society need to wish want they want for and follow through with it.

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