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I Believe...

March 6, 2008
By Anonymous

I believe that serving God, our creator is what matters in life. After the accidental deaths of a few family members and some of my friends taking their own lives my mind took me to a place that I have never ventured before. After the death of my loved ones I was left with a sense of loss and wondered if I would ever be with them again. I have always believed in God but I began to wonder where they have gone. Did they go to heaven, hell or are they just in the ground with no place to go? With all of this in mind I began to research all I could to see what was really out there and that is when I learned about heaven and I wanted to be sure I would be going there.
From my observation I have come to believe that heaven is real and it is a very special place where we can have peace and comfort in the presence of God. Some may believe that there is no heaven but the truth is, is that heaven and hell are real. When your life is over here on earth there are only two places to go, one is heaven and the other is hell and this is where you will spend eternity.
Heaven is offered to everyone for free. Many say you can make your way in to heaven by being a good person, this I find to not be true. You must be a believer and live as Jesus lived. You must become a servant of others, just as Jesus came to serve others. Sometimes we feel that it is hard to make a sacrifice like this cause like many others our lives are so busy we feel we don't have time to help anybody else. The truth is as soon as you ask Jesus to come into your life and acknowledge that you have done wrong and that he can pardon your sins you to will be on your way to heaven. All it takes is a short conversation with God.
A conversation with God is very easy. Something’s you may want to say are that you are sorry that you have done things wrong and if he can please help you to do what is right from now on. Also pray that you believe that Jesus died on the cross in order to pay the penalty for our sins and that you want to spend eternity in heaven with him.
By doing this simple prayer you are on your way. Now you just have to believe in what you have said and your whole life will begin to change. It is not as if you will get a letter in the mail saying good job you’re saved now and you got your golden ticket to heaven. You will notice little by little how things will begin to change in your life for the better. Like I said earlier about not having the time for Jesus in your life right now, there is no better time then right now. He will help you to make time for the others things that have made life so busy for you. Just trust in him and he will show you the way.
Whether we like it or not some day this life is going to end for all of us, there is no alternative. All the material things that you thought mattered in life will be passed on to someone else. All those things that bothered us will all disappear along with all your hopes and dreams. Life on earth is so short. What really matters to me is whether I will be going to heaven, and that I have no doubt. I hope after you have read this you will believe as I do and in no time you to will have no doubt.

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