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Choice's we choose

August 19, 2011
By Sinister-Von GOLD, Shawnee, Oklahoma
Sinister-Von GOLD, Shawnee, Oklahoma
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Choice's we choose.
They don't choose who they love nor what they want to be when they are grown.
they sometimes don't even think that they belong.
Everyone loses there way and cry and bleed.. Then why can't they not like their own sex?
Are they really wasting their breaths trying to fight something so hopeless?
Why can't they just not love who they want. Is it because you think that they can hurt you?
Or is it because they are different then you and that is what your scared of.
Or is it that your children's may be this way and they just don't say?
Is it because they have dreams like you and I?
Does it frighten you to hear the words Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual, Transgender, Or cross-dresser?
Do you think if you bully or take away there rights then they will leave you alone?
Begone of this earth you call normal and perfect.
What is perfect?
What is normal?
Is there such a thing? not everyone is this perfect person if there was then where is the
kindness? The love and the civil rights that everyone says we have?
The freedom of speech.. Where did that go?
In there minds they don't care as they love themselves and others..
There raising a family and have a job.
Why is it not okay to let them have there choice of love?
No matter the way they dress or look. Should it be a crime? Does it bother you?
Why does it? They are waiting for these answers? Do you think that maybe they where
put in the wrong body that god made a little mistake because of the load he Carry's on his
Does anyone really think about that stuff?
Does anyone care for them?
There normal so told or are they not because they date or want to marry there own sex?
Be a female and then go to male or the other way around?
Is it that hard to get to know them.. to talk and to even hear what they have to say?
They are like you and me there is not a difference there.. They have a heart and feelings
they live and breath, Die and bleed.
Where is there a difference?
Is there not a choice.. A hope.. A dream..
Why can't they just be heard, Loved or even notice in a positive way? Or must it always
be your way or the high way? Can't it just be equal.. Like America stands for? Or have we
lost that as well? Just like everything else? When and if you look and speak down on a
child or a adult.. What are your words, thoughts? Anything.. If your child was to say there
gay or want to change sex what will you say no.. Fix it or get out.
Will you stop loving the one thing your suppose to love and cherish forever.
your flesh and blood are you just going to drop kick them and be like whatever can't help
you anymore because you this way because you don't "Love there ways of lifestyle"
Or maybe a choice that can change a life and make it a living hell.

The author's comments:
I love my uncle even thought he was really my aunt i stand up for gay rights.

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