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Shaping Your Wonderland

December 14, 2010
By Pat Cullen BRONZE, Ipswich, Massachusetts
Pat Cullen BRONZE, Ipswich, Massachusetts
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we all need to live life in preparation for the journey to wonderland. to each his own individual heaven. that end of life island. as our body decays and shuts down as everything else in this human world, our spirit lives on in our imaginary destination. unfortunately, humanity has become quite ugly. wonderland is no longer a term that can apply to each afterlife. people have begun creating flaming hells, war zones, colonies ruled by materialistic savages, landscapes composed of currency, and worst of all, empty rooms, constructed by those who have turned off their imaginations and cremated the memories of their youth. those who can't help but to ask "what is fun?" because they really don't know.

next time you stop and think about your life, add this question to the line up:

what is your wonderland going to look like?

when your worldly time expires, and every pound of your composition finally surrenders to gravity, you will descend into a place all your own. an eternal, spiritual housing. but your spirit will fall like anything else. hard, suddenly and uncontrollably.

me, personally, my mind is a shitshow. i hate talking to people. i'm a perfectionist and i will never be good enough in my own eyes. i don't get happy a lot. i'm so afraid of being misunderstood that i don't even bother.. despite the struggle that has been my life, despite my vices and my sins, i have one thing going for me.

when i close these brown eyes and take my last breath of oxygen..

I'm going to fall back and trust that wonderland will catch me.

that's enough for me.

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on Sep. 29 2016 at 9:53 am
adventuregirl331 PLATINUM, Los Angeles, California
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nice and i hope wonderland would actually be a place here on earth because i keep dreaming on my own.