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Night Companions

February 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Night Companions

As protectors of night,

and those that know all evil,

they give us something to live for,

instead of suffocating in the

poisonous gases of our sins,

to the depth of pain,

and the pain of loss,

the truth always gets in,

as light reminders that things aren't real

depressing, ghostful images of death,

the angelic and giddy drams of love,

the courageous and adrenaline-paced dreams of adventure,

slow-paced and heart-wrenching dreams of sadness,

or the blinding and killing rage of hate

are what we dream,

as we are humans,

therefore not perfect,

as light shines on a new day,

and a new day begins

dreams remain,

and keep us sane.

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