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January 17, 2008
By Anonymous

People who find themselves voting for a Democratic candidate in the upcoming Presidential Election are all convinced that they are voting for a great change for this nation. And the way I see it, this is true. Odds are we will either have the first woman president or the first black president that this country has ever seen by this time next year. Now, some people believe that Barak Obama is not experienced enough for the job, and therefore believe that Hilary Clinton is more qualified. Hopefully, this paper can convince them otherwise.

People believe that just because Hilary was in the White House as First Lady that she knows her way around Washington D.C. better. I ask what does that prove?

People believe that Hilary can deliver on her many campaign promises. I ask how? Does no one remember during her husband’s administration that health care reform was her major focus as the First Lady? And does no one remember what happened to healthcare during her husband’s administration? Nothing, that’s what.

Also, does no one remember the White Water Scandal? Many lost all that they had in that sham of an idea. Just because the Clintons weren’t caught doesn’t mean they weren’t guilty. Apparently no one remembers that they got out of the whole shebang just before things went south for everyone else. Now doesn’t that seem a little conspicuous?

And people advocate Hilary Clinton just on the fact that she had a successful Senatorial career. And what does that of Barak Obama measure up to, chopped liver?

For the record, I’m not against a women president, I’m just against Hilary Clinton.

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