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January 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you trust your friends enough that you can tell them anything? I believe trust is one of the most important values in my life. When people lie that loses all the trust that I had for them. Trust is a great thing you can share with someone. I have a lot of trust with my friends because I know they’re honest with me.
When people lie to me I lose all the trust I had for them. I highly do not like when people say they’ll keep a secret but really they just tell everybody! If someone told me they would, but then go tell people, that would completely make me lose all the trust I had for them. When people lie that will end a friendship because you know that you can’t trust that person any more.
Trust is a great value that you can share with someone. My friends are people who I can trust all the time and I know that I can tell them anything. That is because we have a lot of trust between each other. When you and somebody have trust for each other it is really easy to hang out with them and have fun. When you don’t have trust for someone it is awkward to be around them because you know it is somebody who doesn’t keep secrets and they lie.
I have a lot of trust with my friends I. I can rely on my friends to tell me the truth if they don’t like something. They should be honest and tell me the truth. So then I don’t feel like an idiot if I have a spill on my shirt or something like that. I know they would, because that is why friends are here!
I have a lot of trust with my friends. Trust is the most important value in my life and what matters the most to me. Without trust I would feel trapped in my own shoes. I wouldn’t be able to tell anything to my friends. That would make me feel sad because I would have so much to tell them and I wouldn’t be able to because I wouldn’t trust them enough.

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