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Wild and free

November 3, 2010
By Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
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Imagine waking up each morning to pure bliss. Breathing in the fresh air of laughter and smiles. Basking in your own glow, that as soon as you awaken, becomes the glow of everyone. Growing brighter and brighter till it reaches the sun. You have now implanted the image in your mind. Imagine each day sunny, not a thunder cloud in the sky. And the smiles of everyone around you fuel the sunlight, creating a shine known all through the universe. Not a frown to reach upon one's face. No hatred to be seen. Every human connecting as brother and sister, despite all differences. Every human being equal. The cliques, gossips, celebrities, and critics vanished into thin air. May your new life not be full of consumption of work, offices, but simply floating in thin air. Millions of brothers and sisters behind you. Chanting to the same rhythm
*My, my what a world i see,
A world where one can live wild and free*
A world beautiful as green meadows, flowers basking the air.
As beautiful as the mountains, on a winter night. As pretty as the whisper of love. As breathtaking as the sea.
Not a shot, a cruel word, nor a punch rings, for they would only cause the skies to darken. No barriers holding you back from your one, true self.
And the crowd is cheering your name, cheering in appreciation, laughing in humor, not mock, and in the circle of love.

*My, my what a world i see
where one can live, wild and free
Such bliss that fills the air
wild and free, wild and free*

True freedom, one we had never seen before, one unknown. Withstand past the ones that have gotten into war. But the freedom of our soul, to be wild and free. To live in this world of wilderness and freedom.
There would no drama, but a peaceful river, you leading the ship, sailing to never reach land, but adventure forever, nothing preventing you from saying all on your mind.
Free from the tears, the envy, the crime, the hurt, the cruelty.
You now have no need to be protected, for you have just been robbed of all horrid things in life.
Just floating in your bliss chanting
*My, my what a world i see
Where one can roam, wild and free
no worries, life is joyfully mine
With my brothers and sisters, our love intertwined*

Free to be wild, though certainly not crazed. In this world there is only peace, love and joy, not such a flaw.
And we bask in our own flaws, not leaving a dent in our everlasting love. It bringing us hand in hand, never threatening to let go.
Where the friendship runs wild, the lovers run free, not a dent in your smile, or in life.
Not a foe to be seen, for we have created these. Created most of the horrid mishaps of reality. In this alternate universe, the only thing we have created, are our own lives. The shine of the universe, the glow of ourselves. The chant ringing through and through

*My my, a fine world i see
everyone runs, wild and free
And not a scar to be seen
wild and free, forever wild and free*

And your happily overwhelmed, happy indeed. Never shall there be an exit to being wild and free. The love, and patience, and peace, and joy, and bliss, no flaws, the equality and oh!...............
Your mind tells you to indicate a problem, but you can not. For, your senses have not yet adapted to such beauty as this world. Is it heaven, you ask. Or is it imagination? You stay in a circle of your joy, not a frown reaching your face. Cheering your peers, nothing but kindness and compassion everywhere you turn. Floating and flying, and soaring and tumbling, reaching, and grasping, never to let go..............











you open your eyes, to your familiar world of reality. Pondering over why such a wonderful universe lays so far away........................

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on May. 8 2011 at 8:32 pm
Amor-Y-Palabras SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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Love this!   You wrote incredible, vivid descriptions. 

As a was reading this piece, I keep thinking of it as heaven and then you even described it as heaven!

We all wish for a wild, free world. :)  Sadly, I don't think that's possible.  That's why it's great to dream about it!