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Soaring with Wings

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Wings has soared has soared through the charts in terms of being a sitcom.
The background information is about the Hacket brothers who start a small airport on a small island. This sitcom comes on Friday nights at 6:00 on U.S.A.

Wings is well worth your time because the storyline is realistic, the actors and actresses are amazing and act as believably as anyone else is in real life, and that the plot always consists of real-life events that the characters must face and resolve in each episode.

The acting in this sitcom is believable as well as humorous. Each character always has a humorously negative comment of themselves as well as one for a bad event that has taken place in their lives. For instance, Lowell says, “Come on man, I’m not made of glass- although sometimes I wish I were, glass being such a poor conductor of electricity.” He’s an airplane mechanic who in every episode, is electrocuted.
There are also well-known actors in this sitcom such as Thomas Hayden Church a.k.a.: “Spider-Man 3”’s ”Sand Man”.

The setting stays the same on each and almost every episode unless it’s a special episode like going over to parent’s house for Christmas or going to the movie theater. The setting is usually in the airport or at the food court, sitting at the bar-type place talking about thinks over a mug of coffee. The special settings include art galleries, councilor’s office, airplane hangar, or at home.

All in all, Wings is a humorously touching sitcom that is backed up by hilarious cast members who seem to be able to reach in and touch your heart by presenting hilarious, fall on the ground, smack in the face acting, a generalized and remote location, and a beautifully and wonderfully random plot for each episode.

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