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What does it mean to love another?

October 27, 2007
By Shamoyia Gardiner SILVER, Miami, Florida
Shamoyia Gardiner SILVER, Miami, Florida
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What does it mean to love another?
With what unit can you measure love?
Do you determine love in inches or feet?
Meters or miles?
Grams or gallons?
Tears or laughter?
Sufferings or joy?
Minutes or hours?
Weeks or years?
Or do you find love through what you don’t love?
How long does it take to love?
What is the designated time span to go from liking to loving?
Is loving learned or innate?
Is it possible to have been broken to the point where you can’t love?
What does it take to reach that level of sadness?
Are you even considered sad at that point?
Or have you moved beyond and into numbness?
What do you have to loose to get there?
Who has to leave you for you to die like that on the inside?
If ‘all you need is love’, then why do we live in a world of war, pain, and loss if the way to happiness is so simple?
If ‘we only need love to survive’, then why isn’t our world overflowing with it?
If love is the simple answer that we as beings are oblivious to, then what amount of us are truly blind?
If we are blind to something as simple as loving others to survive, then what else is out there that we’re missing?

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