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Does This Shirt Make Me Look Fat?

October 26, 2007
By Anonymous

Many things have changed in America over the past few decades, especially the people of America. One of the things that have changed is that girls are starting to become extremely apprehensive of how they look.
For example, some people go over board on make up and jewelry in places where it really doesn’t matter how they look. For instance, when they are alone or with just family. Even at summer camps you can find people who only care about their appearance even if it doesn't matter. I have had the experience of being in the same bunk as a girl who only cared about how she looked. This girl in my bunk was named Brianna, and always wore a ton of make up. I don’t think that I ever saw her real face because it was always coverd in a mask of concealer and foundation and some other stuff I don’t even know the name of. You see, at my camp the only time anyone wears make up is during special events. Every time we went somewhere out of camp she would wear even more make up, she would have so much mascara and eyeliner I thought she looked like a raccoon.
Another annoying and even dangerous problem that is related to being
self-conscious, is when they think they are fat or chubby. Even if they are slender and healthy sized, some people start to do anything to be skinnier, some even take un-prescribed diet pills which might not work and usually they don’t so the person might take a lot at a time and overdose. The most common illness in this category is anorexia where the person starves herself in order to not gain weight. There is also bulimia which is when the person, makes them selves throw up after eating. Both of these illnesses can result in fainting a lot, becoming extremely weak and even can result in death. Everyone asks once in a while if this or that top makes them look big. This is ok but if a friend asks all the time it can get really annoying and people will stop hanging out with them.
There are other ways that people show they are self conscious, but one that not many people can see is some people care too much about how they are dressed. Some people always need to shop at a certain store even if they can't afford to shop there and maybe spend too much and they might even go in to debt or end up with way to many clothes. Going on a big shopping spree is fine if it's only once every couple of months but not everyday or everytime something cute is seen in a window of a shop.
Everyone is antsy about how they look sometimes, like on a big evening or when going to a party. Then its not annoying because it happens to everyone.What we can all do is actually believe our friends when they tell us that we don’t look fat and our hair looks fine.

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