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A Good Friend

October 12, 2007
By Anonymous

Everyone needs a good friend. A good friend is someone who will always be there for you. Not only to give you advice but one who will always listen no matter what Many people have one true friend who they can trust. Those who are not fortunate enough to experience this, I am very sorry.

It was a Wednesday, and I was at my grandma’s house in Delmont, S.D. That morning she had received a call from my dad that he was coming to get me because my step-mom’s dad, my grandpa, had died. He had had a heart-attack while bailing hay the night before. Someone luckily drove by and saw that the tractor was moving and the driver’s head was down against the steering wheel. They caught up to the tractor and stopped it. When they realized that he wasn’t breathing they dialed 911. It was already too late.

The way to my dad’s house, from my grandma’s house, sucked. I was ready to be there so I could call my best friend and tell her everything. She was pretty much my outlet for me to cry for a very long time. She listened to me; not once did she give me advice. That was the best thing ever because every time someone told me , “stop crying” or, “it’ll be okay”, it just made me cry harder.

The next three days were miserable. We went out to my grandma’s house everyday so they could talk about all the arrangements. Luckily, before my grandpa died he and my grandma planned out both of their funerals. The main reason we went out there was for the kids. They didn’t want us to be sitting at home all day by ourselves to think about what has happened. So in other words they wanted to take our minds off the situation. I pretty much kept to myself besides when my little cousins wanted to play something. I’m not much into playing those types of games but when someone needs help, I’m there for there.

I kept to myself for most of those days. I didn’t want to make the little kids cry or the adults for that matter. I would also be on my phone. I needed someone to talk to; someone like my best friend. This time we tried to have a normal conversation about like the drama in Dells or the new clothes that were coming into American Eagle that week. She was very patient with me. If I ever started to cry, she would just let me have a little time by myself and then start to talk again. That is what I think a good friend is. She wasn’t there to talk about the bad things in her life; she wanted or at least acted like she wanted to hear what I had to say. It didn’t matter what time I would call her. I remember it was like 3 A.M. and I was still awake. It was the day before the funeral. I needed to talk to someone and like right now. I called her and we only talked for about 15 minutes but that 15 minutes helped me to go to sleep.

Good friends are important in life. If you choose the ones, they can be extremely helpful. Just like mine was when I needed someone to talk to. I hope each of you are able to find a special someone.
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Megan Rueb

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