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Life in Sri Lanka.

November 23, 2022
By Ana_K PLATINUM, Nyc, New York
Ana_K PLATINUM, Nyc, New York
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Favorite Quote:
It is impossible to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law.

As a Sri Lankan, life here is depressing.

No food.

No gas.

No power.

No proper system.

No proper ruler.

People shot by police.

Lack of cardboard.

Lack of paper.

Prices rising. Long queues.

Massive loans.


Everyone wants to get out of here and move to another country. Meaning our country will continue to fill up with, old, grumpy, dying people. All the smart, innovative engineers, doctors and scientists have run away to work in other countries, to help other countries, to leave this dump. Meaning that Sri Lanka would rot forever, our culture and history rotting alongside bias politicians, corrupted cabinet ministers and fed up people. People always say learn from the past, learn from history. This quote has become as hollow as 'Be positive' and 'Be kind'. Nobody listens to history and our past, everyone think of the facts, and the statistics of today.

Obviously, it isn't helping anyone. On the topic of power failures, how could anyone run out of energy?

Energy can't be destroyed, only converted. Duh.

I mean, Sri Lanka is a TROPICAL country, politicians here, if you don't know what that means, it means that the sun shines everyday!!! We could use solar panels. Yes they are expensive, but as more people buy, the price goes down. We are literally sleeping beside the ocean! We are an island! We could use water to produce electrical energy. I mean, all what I talked about is simple facts, how could you not know, I guess the exception on common sense is Sri Lankan politicians. Sri Lanka needs to become self-sustainable, when the Former President Chandrika was there, no ques and loans were ever present! Sadly, this hasn't lasted after her rule.

I never liked politics, full of corruption, gossip and 'very interesting' news.

We are the Democratic, Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

And as far as I know, democratic means people rule, not greedy, uneducated imbeciles; and socialist means equal society, egalitarianism, that's not happening either; and republic is to have a person to guide us into a clear and bright future, not like the one we are stepping into. Before, we were called the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean 'Now, ' The Corrupted Country'. 
Thanks a lot. No matter how many speeches these politicians say, all their preaching are lies. All their qualifications are lies. Everything they do, they say is for their country, but it's for the money, their money. 

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