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Are you a true writer?

July 30, 2022
By Hilarioushaiqa SILVER, Lahore, Other
Hilarioushaiqa SILVER, Lahore, Other
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War had birthed since the evolution of mankind and atrocities date far back to the time of Adam. Ancient and primitive human history opens chapters of greed, lust and intense brutality. All of this was actually a tussle between good and bad whose definitions differ for every culture and religion. Whether it be the tyrant for one country, he becomes the martyr for another leaving behind a waling widow, a distraught mother and orphaned mother.

But amidst this never-ending quest for ultimate truth, another war was born-the war by pen. Its nib might not as sharp as a sword’s tip but the power it beholds can only be truly understood by its soldiers-writers and poets. Empires might be conquered by sword but are maintained by the power of pen which we have sadly undermined.

They were the first ones to propose the idea of a utopia- a concept previously unknown to this inhumane race. Making us realize the power of imagination, they provide an exodus for the mind into a world of fictional characters whose word hi the heart more than real humans. Stories were never meant to lull kids to sleep but they were intended to wake the dead souls.

The immense scientific advancements and the degradation of literature truly saddens me as this attitude has cut down a wing of the human race, causing the birds of nations to collapse, be wild and lose elegance in their flight. We have blown away a candle of hope our ancestors had lit with the blood of many sons and daughters.

With Wattpad fictions normalizing crime by picturing romance between innocent girls and dominating and toxic mafias, fantasies of love between vampires and humans or high school drams filled with cleavage and fart jokes, we have drifted away from the real purpose of picking a pen that was to be a beacon for humans with darkened worlds. Now all that remains is a bunch of people with a wild imaginations that just want to make a few bucks, who have no interest in the previous literature merely because it is ‘too difficult and boring’. I just want to question are you a soldier of truth? How are you paying back the favor that was done to you by your creativity?

If we look enough into the mirror, you will realize how hollow we are, the passion drained away from our veins but now as I am writing this, I hope that somewhere there is a like-minded spirit like me that shares the heritage of our ancestors, the children of Adam and Eve!

The author's comments:

Ask your heart, are you ignoring its real inner voice?

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