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Life is not on

November 11, 2019
By Emaan_zahra_ijaz GOLD, Sharjah, Other
Emaan_zahra_ijaz GOLD, Sharjah, Other
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"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life"

Life. Does it have a meaning?

A hallucination or a dream. Well, it has different meanings for different people. Sometimes it can be a sweet, bitter or even both. People find happiness and at some point, they find despair. You cant divide life or calculate its percentage of desolation and delight occurring in front of you. So, does life have a meanig.NO? Life gives you meaning to be alive. Its the very reason you have a presence. It gives you opportunities that could transform you to maybe a billionaire, but if you discard or slip these wonderfull chances, life will give, rather take, you back. This time gap is when people around you call you a failure, a sore loser who had the chance but didn't use it, however, negativity shouldn't get the best of you. Think of it as a way to cope with failure, a reason to fight back and prove them all wrong, to satisfy your self and to feel a sense of achievement. Imagine that this time was given to you to learn and improve. Society will almost never praise you for all the hard work you have done, instead, they'll point out that one flaw you didn't even know you had. That's when you harness the feeling of being useless in life. Let me tell you, that's utterly wrong! Never let anyone criticism get the best of you, take it from them, and later you thank them for making you a better person.

In the past few months, right when I decided to observe the psychology of the new generation, I noticed that there was one common thing in their petty gossips."My life sucks", "Gosh! I wish I had a better life", "Did you see her clothes.. how pretty!, I wish I had the money for that" Sound familiar? Life is not a thing. It's not something you can get from a store with the shelf on the right being of the best quality and the shelf on the left being of the worst quality. Life doesn't come with a tag.YOU and YOU alone can make your life the best by doing your best. That's right. You bring quality in your world and be proud of it because you may be living a life better than some or else such like those who fail once and believes that there's no hope left for them. Understand that you created your life the moment you were given birth into this world. Now live it to the fullest without scraping opportunities from your hand and once again. Living depressed and anxious won't get you anywhere at all!

Be happy, live free because of that's what the world needs right now, positivity.

The author's comments:

So many tips are out there on how to be successful but little on how to cope with failure and living a normal life. I feel, after observing my surroundings that people are different yet that difference is very negative. I wish to change that using my article, my words, to persuade people to treat their lives the way they want to and not to be swayed by what society thinks of them.

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