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January 12, 2009
By Emma Haduch BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
Emma Haduch BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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If you walk into a high school cafeteria, you will walk by various groups formed by students. Girls create these cliques and stick to them. Most high school students are very well aware of these groups and their characteristics. Determining these groups help incoming high school students decide which group they would best fit in. The general groups are: The Genuinely Nice, The Brainiacs, The Arts and Drama Group, The Freshmen, The Outcasts, and The Backstabbers.

The Genuinely Nice

These are the girls who truly care about what you have to say. They will listen to you, be a good friend, but never want to take advantage of you. They will listen to your problems and console you like a good friend would. They never say anything bad about anyone, to their face nor behind their back. These girls are very rare and if you meet anyone like this, you are blessed.

There is this girl in my math class, who I believe fits into this category. She has such a light friendly air about her that you can’t help but want to talk to her and befriend her. I have never heard one insult or unkind thing come out of her mouth. She makes the class more enjoyable and gets the class more energized and talkative.

The Brainiacs

These girls get their name because they are in all AP classes, have no lunch, and in their half period before AP physics, they sit in the library doing school work. These girls care the most about school, their grades, and their future. Staying up until 1 o’clock in the morning to finish an English paper, they will do whatever it takes to finish their homework. Whenever you hear them in the halls, they are discussing an assignment or making jokes only “nerds” could get.

There are girls, however, that are considered to be a less extreme version of the brainiacs. They have a lunch period, they don’t worry about school quite as much, may take only a couple of AP classes and they also hang out on weekends with their friends more frequently.

The Arts and Drama Group

There are many sub-categories that correspond with this group. There are the bandos, the theatric girls, and the orchestra girls. The girls in band and orchestra even have their own hallway in which they convene. This hallway is like their own separate world where they can talk in music terms and be in their own little heaven. The theater girls create a strong bond through all the work and hours they put into the play and musical. These are the most outgoing girls who are open to many other cliques in the school.

The Freshmen

Yes, the freshmen form one clique. Yes, the freshmen all act like girls, even the boys. You notice the freshmen in the halls because they are the ones in masses clogging up the halls and talking loudly. They feel like they need to fit in and they do this by moving in packs trying to go along with the high school system. In reality, none of them fit in anywhere yet. All the freshmen act the same way and dress the same way. They all are loud and obnoxious and wear the same Hollister and American Eagle clothes.

The Outcasts

The outcasts include the want-to-be emos and skaters. The easiest way to tell who these people are is by seeing how much dark make-up they wear or by their wardrobe. Wearing all black with chains hanging from their pants, they are very easy to spot in the halls. Their hair will also be dyed to unusual colors like green and blue. They will have multiple piercings on their ears, nose, eyebrows, and mouth. The people in these groups only converse with themselves because they feel like no one else understands them.

The Backstabbers

This is the group of girls who only care about themselves. Whatever they do, it is to benefit themselves and no one else. Tell them a secret and you will regret it because sooner or later your secret will be out. Not only will your secret spread around the school but it may be a skewed version of your secret. You can never trust these girls. They have a good fake impression that they are sincere, caring girls but in reality, if the opportunity presents itself, will turn around and stab you in the back (hence the name) and make your “friendship” into a rivalry.

With all the cliques in high school it is hard for kids to find exactly where they fit in. From the nice to the backstabbers, the formation of these cliques starts with girls’ personalities and the boys follow along. With all the various groups in high school it is hard to believe that a school can come together and have so much school spirit at sporting events.

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