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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

March 17, 2008
By Anonymous

You may see a lot of stereotyping about everyone. Even if its about race, ethnics, religion, how you dress, or your age. If you see the news or read magazines you may notice that they talk about teens being irresponsible, and that they cant be trusted. Are we all like that though? No, of course not, but we all pay the consequences of one teenagers mistake.

In the news you may see teenagers in car accident everyday. Why does this happen? Alcohol or just not paying attention. What do they say about us? They label us as irresponsible, reckless, thoughtless, out of control, and careless. They also say that we should not be able to drive until we are eighteen. These are things that people think about when you go somewhere.

Teenagers in gangs plays an important role in our stereotyping. We always hear them having street fights, killing, or injuring other people. Who pays for those mistakes? We do, by the choices of others, we get blamed. In these cases they would say that we are dangerous and out of control. We are all stereotyped as we have no self control but we can only sit back and watch our reputation get ripped apart.

The stereotyping that I think is the number one reason why adults think we should be kept in a stricter environment is because of drugs. Why do teens use these anyways? Some teens probably think its cool because they see famous people use them. Or is it because we see it from our own childhood? If adults used them if we were younger shouldn’t we be able to use them? No, of course not. Its not a reason to even use them, but shouldn’t we get a second chance to redeem ourselves? We see teens overdose, or die from using them. They stereotype us as drug addicts, people with no respect for themselves.

Why do we do these things? We can say we learn it from other people, but we should always learn from other peoples mistakes. Stereotyping isn’t always bad, but from one error everyone gets affected. We know that one good thing teens do wont change what others have done to earn our stereotyping, but it’s a start to a better stereotyping for the future.

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