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Prejudice. What Is It Really?

September 23, 2018
By MA BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
MA BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
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Racism, sexism, homophobia, religious prejudice. These are some of the many prejudices the world has. According to Merriam Webster a prejudice is “an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics”. So basically, it's a feeling of hate towards a group of people without any real reason.

Prejudice is a very common problem everywhere. I know a lot of people that assume or think that prejudice is just in America. That’s actually false it’s not just in America. Lots of people from different countries will hate Americans just because they don't live like them or eat the same stuff as them. Now, I'm not saying America doesn't have a fair amount itself though.

I would say the most prejudice goes towards the LGBT Community and other races. People use gay as an insult all the time, which is just flat out wrong. How would they feel if straight was used as an insult? Gay doesn't mean dumb or nerd or anything like that. It means happy. Not even kidding. Gay means happy. I don't remember what language it was in but it does.

Now if you hate or insult LGBT or people of other races them shouldn't you hate your parents? Or your friends. They're different then you. Nobody looks exactly the same so everyone should hate everyone if sexism or homophobia is okay. Cause LGBT people are just a little different from us. They like different people then us. Does that mean I should hate all girls? Or I should hate all people that don't have brown hair like I do? No of course not.

Prejudice against anyone is bad. If you’re going to hate someone at least find a decent reason. Not just “They’re different from me”.

If you fall victim to the terrible thing known as prejudice then here is a few tips. First, learn to ignore insults. If the person is trying to hurt you with insults then ignore them unless it's to much (if so read the second tip…) They'll get bored and just leaving you alone. Just remember to pretend they don't exist.

Second if it gets to much then tell someone like a school staff or your favorite teacher. Your parents would be good to but first let the school know so you can get the story straight without exaggerating anything. You wouldn't want the person to be in any extra trouble so their views get worse. Just enough they realize the flaw in their actions.

Thanks for reading and please. Don't prejudice. It's bad and needs to be eliminated from society.

The author's comments:

Prejudice is an issue society has been dealing with for years. But do we really know what it is? This article is kinda short. Thanks for reading.

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on Oct. 27 2019 at 7:24 am
Rin_Patcher BRONZE, Victoria, Other
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"If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a very sorry lot indeed. " - Einstein

@MA This is a wonderfully composed article.

on Oct. 25 2019 at 11:40 am
SergeantSteel82 GOLD, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

This is a beautiful article, @MA. Also, I read your bio, and I wrote an article I think you might like, its called "Why People Should NOT Be Racist, Sexist, ETC. It is organized into different sections if you want to check it out.