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In Charge and I Choked

March 12, 2008
By Anonymous

I can relate to this article because I work in a fast food restaurant and I know how much stress one person can have by being put in charge. It would be even more stressful if it was thrown at you by surprise.

I may look like an easy job to a customer that is waiting for their food but it is very complicated. It is hard enough to have one assignment at a job but when you have two that is pushing how well you can multitask and adapt to the extra work that needs to be accomplished. It requires a lot of time management.

Being put in charge is a sign of trust and responsibility and that is something you don’t want to lose. If your manager trusts you enough to leave you in charge of a store then you do not want to disappoint them by messing up. It sounds like the author of the article adapted and stepped up to the plate and showed they could handle the situation.

I Choked

It is good to have friends that can keep their heads when someone is in trouble. Those are the type of friends that you want to have with you for the rest of your life, because they look out for you just as you look out for them.

I can relate to this incident, not because I choked, but because I have asthma and when you have an attack you feel like you are choking. It is one of the worst feelings to have to gasp for air. You feel like you are going to die right there and it is a scary situation.

I choked when I had an asthma attack in football practice because we were doing sprints at the end and everyone was starting to tire. That was when I had an asthma attack and one of my friends kept his head and ran to get my inhaler from the coach. I owe him a debt of gratitude because I could have died if I didn’t get my inhaler in time.

Sometimes it takes an experience like mine or Megan’s to show yourself how lucky you are and how much your friends care about you.

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