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The World as We Will Know It

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

To the Editor of Teen Ink Magazine,

I have enjoyed this magazine even if it is the first one that I may have read. The material in each section is very enjoyable. One of the sections, the one about our environment was really interesting. As I was reading through each article, I stopped on an article called, “The World as We Will Know It.” It was about how humans could be affecting the way that our world is changing and that we may be the real cause of it. I strongly agree to the thoughts placed into this article, I do believe that this is true. Humans are contributing a lot to world and it will change our lives.
Another section in this magazine that I enjoyed was the Book/Movie Review section. I am a very big movie watcher and I enjoy reading books a lot. If I said something was good, and someone else said it was bad, I accept their opinion. I will most likely begin to write reviews for new books and movies that will be coming out soon.
Thank you for your time. ^_^X



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