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Political Humor

October 12, 2007
By Anonymous

I completely agree that political humor has gone way too far. By this time in the past seven years, I have heard enough jokes about President Bush that I can’t stand it any more. Sure, it’s okay to poke fun at people every once in a great while, but you have to give the poor guy a break. In my opinion, he is a better man than everyone making fun of him, because he stays true to his word until the very end, even if everyone hates him for it. I think that America is the exact opposite, after all, we elected him, twice, but then he turns around and we stab him in the back. And to add to that, we are also shunning Dick Cheney because of a hunting accident and his signature “evil smirk”. Guns were made to kill, and guns can’t tell what they’re pointing at. Most importantly, people make mistakes, and the fatal flaw of America is that we need to learn to forgive mistakes and not exploit them to the world.

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Now we have numerous political jokes about President Trump... I feel like most of these jokes are fine. People elect the president, so people always have the right to discuss the president's performance.