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By Anonymous

     I was greatly offended by the poem “Feminist.” It declared me “brainwashed,” incompetent to take care of myself and old-fashioned. It also went so far as to look down on me for taking care of myself (i.e., shaving my legs, wearing make-up and dying my hair).

I am entitled to shower, shave my legs, do whatever I want to my hair, and wear make-up. The fact that I do these things does not reflect on my ability to live in this world; it speaks of my ability to take care of myself. I am not your “typical” girl in the sense that I do “girlie” things. I mosh and I crowd surf, and I do these things without the help of a male.

The author claimed to “represent every single girl.” Well, girl, you do not represent me. I do not want to be “treated like fellow man.” I am a woman. Treat me like a woman. I expect men to open doors for me. I expect them to put the toilet seat down.

The “name of woman” has been marred not by men, but by women who refuse to be just that - a woman. I am a woman. Strong, independent, beautiful and able. I am all those things and I shave my legs.

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