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August 29, 2018
By ramblingwriter_7 GOLD, Dublin, Ohio
ramblingwriter_7 GOLD, Dublin, Ohio
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"I've realized now that our world doesn't define us, we define our world."

Dear Editor,


                Though there is a slim chance of this reaching you, or getting listened to by my peers, I will at least try to get my voice heard. Teens are being devoured. Social media has impacted so many people. People are feeling self-conscious and are trying to make themselves look good online. Why does this matter? Doesn’t it matter how you act in real life? Why are we following people we don’t even know? We are so obsessed with making a streak, or even trying to show people what we ate for dinner the night before. It’s getting out of hand! If I go to a restaurant with my friends, they’ll be looking through their feeds. Can’t we talk?

                This is affecting so many people. So many people I know are losing grip of themselves, and I want to fix this problem. If people were just to drop the phones for one just one day, they’ll realize what’s important. Maybe they’ll go back to being themselves. We need to fix this. I need to get my voice heard.

The author's comments:

I really hope that people won't spend 24/7 on their feeds. I want people to realize that's not what's best in life.

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