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TV = Unhealthy

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Turn off the TV and get back to work you lifeless sack of fish chum. After comprehensive research and surveys the article “Television and Health” has found the following reasons to turn off the TV: it is comparable to substance abuse, it damages families, and it destroys self image.
On average, parents spend 3.5 minutes per week holding a meaningful conversation with their children. Those same children will then watch about 2,000 minutes of TV in a week; this includes the depiction of 8,000 murders by the time the child finishes elementary school. A child’s relationship with his or her parents is poignant to the personality of that child. This kid will grow up to have little respect for his parents’ authority. They may also become phlegmatic and have no desire to work or do anything but watch TV.
Commercials create materialistic attitudes in youngsters and lower self-esteem in young adults. Children channels like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are inundated with toy and doll commercials. These commercials create materialistic attitudes and coerce children to get the latest toy. Also, women who see commercials with no women over 100 pounds, they feel they are too fat. This is bad.
The statistics corroborate the argument of the zealous people who believe TV is the devil. The end.

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