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Boys These Days

June 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever gotten a call from a high school guy who thinks you are hot and fun? You are probably thinking that he’s just calling to talk. Well, the first couple of times yes that’s all he wants. In my eighth-grade class of boys and girls, I am for sure that some of the boys still play with toy cars and blocks.The girls on the other hand, they go home put on make-up and worry about how they look 24/7. Most of girls don’t care. A really good percent of them hang out with high school boys. They are really mature and know what the girls like. Well, guess what girls! They guys are just trying to get in your pants and spread diseases. Most girls would be saying, “Girl’s you need to watch out because they are going to use you.” I am going to be blunt you with and tell you the truth.
I know some of you girls that are reading this are saying “Oh like she knows anything,” well guess what I know!

Most girls I know that keep everything to themselves. Most of them do that because they don’t trust anyone. You can’t really trust anyone. I know that’s really bad to say, but it’s true. I give the real people credit. I know for a fact that it’s really hard to be true. Also I want the girls to know that if they keep everything to themselves, they have to express themselves in some way. Basically girls watch your back!

I know when you are in a relationship you are going to feel pressured to do something. (Maybe it’s not sex, but anything you might not feel comfortable doing.) Truly, you know it’s going to happen, if you are dating an older guy especially. You might think Oh, this guy truly likes me for me.
Sometimes you get the lucky ones but they are pretty rare. Older guys have more experience than you do. Girls usually don’t realize that they have more experience. I mean yes I have been used. I cared when I figured out that he was just using me. So then I thought “ Wow how pathetic this guy is using an eight grader, “ I can’t even believe he’s talking to me.” He must be real cool. Seriously think about how desperate he has to be use an eight grader. Girls, I wouldn’t let some guy even think about using you for anything. Don’t let guys bring you down. You probably think it isn’t the guy, that it’s you! Think again girl, it’s him!

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